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The mission of The Law Offices of B. Bush, PLLC is to guide clients through the litigation process towards a positive outcome while finding opportunities in challenges and reducing case complexity.

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Contract Attorney Lubbock

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Having the right contract can make a business successful. However, having the wrong contract can subject a business to risk, and may ultimately lead to litigation.  Having the right Contract Attorney Lubbock is essential.


The goal of The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC is to assist business clients by drafting and preparing the right contracts for their specific needs. Founding attorney Thomason Bush has years of experience in drafting ironclad agreements, and in litigating  contractual and transactional disputes. This background provides a unique perspective on contractual matters to make sure that your contract is drafted in a way to minimize the risk of future disputes, to minimize the risk of litigation, and to give your business the contractual tools it needs to succeed.


Don’t leave your businesses’ future up to an oral agreement, or a form contract taken from the Internet. Make a call today to schedule a free consultation with Thomason to discuss your businesses’ contract needs.