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Breach of Contract Attorney Lubbock

Business Lawyer Lubbock

Unfortunately, business transactions often lead to disputes or disagreements, which can in turn escalate to litigation. This is especially true in situations when there is a significant breach of contract such as nonpayment or nonperformance. When dealing with a breach of contract, having a Breach of Contract Attorney Lubbock with substantial litigation experience can prove instrumental in navigating the complexities of contract matters and obtaining an outcome that is in the client’s best interest.


Founding attorney Thomason Bush has years of experience in litigating contractual and transactional disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the Lubbock and West Texas area. His experience in the litigation, arbitration, and mediation processes, and his background in resolving contractual disputes makes The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC the perfect business partner to provide you with the advice and wisdom necessary to defend the rights of you or your business.


Make a call today to schedule a free consultation with Thomason to discuss your needs should a breach of contract become an issue for you or your business.