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The mission of The Law Offices of B. Bush, PLLC is to guide clients through the litigation process towards a positive outcome while finding opportunities in challenges and reducing case complexity.

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The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC works tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients so they can focus on growing their businesses and building value.

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Providing comprehensive legal services throughout the life of a business

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Starting businesses off right and providing continuing support as they grow

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Navigating the legal pitfalls and complexities of contractual disputes

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Representing businesses when disputes with past or current employees arise

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Legal support for contractors, material providers and property owners

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Registering, protecting and enforcing clients’ intellectual property rights

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Protecting clients from trade secret misappropriation and unfair competition

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Representing plaintiffs and defendants in litigation, appeals, and arbitration

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Business, Construction and Litigation Lawyer Thomason B. Bush

Attorney Thomason B. Bush is a graduate of both the Texas Tech University School of Law and Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business. Prior to attending college, Thomason developed a passion for business law while working for his family’s various small businesses and seeing their entrepreneurial spirit. It is with that spirit in mind that Thomason founded the Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC to assist local businesses with their legal needs.

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Thomason B. Bush Business Attorney

Business Law

The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC provides comprehensive services to support our clients throughout the life of their business. In addition to their experience litigating cases concerning complex business matters, our attorneys also act as legal advisers and counselors to assist new and established businesses with any and all issues that can arise as the business grows.

Intellectual Property

The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC understands the value that intellectual property brings to a business. Whether it be trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, or trade secrets, our attorneys work tirelessly to preserve and protect our client’s intellectual property, and the value associated with that property.


The Law Offices of Thomason B. Bush, PLLC provides representation to both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the litigation process. From lawsuits and appeals, to alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration, our attorneys work tirelessly with our clients to protect their interests

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